The Shine Project 8 Day Challenge
This is My Year
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The #1 question I get asked is, "How do I Get Unstuck?"

This challenge is not only to teach you how to move forward with Intention, but how to truly show up, stand up, and SHINE.

The results are going to impact the way you view yourself and your life.
You've watched me push through the greatest loss of my life this past year, battle intense depression, and have supported me through it all...

Now, I want to share with you the very principals that have allowed to me regain my sense of purpose, that have motivated me to continue to grow and press through, that have allowed me to reach dreams even in the hardest time of my life, and how to keep Shinning in spite of all of life's craziness.

2019 is YOUR year. 
You just have to decide that it is.
Rule YOUR World.
This is YOUR year. But only if you choose to have it be. The secret to a great year, and a great life, is learning how to intentionally be in control of your life, time, goals, and to stop looking for outward "fixes". The power is in YOU.
Build Your Life.
We're all so different, but we each share the same thing: the gift of time. We have the same seconds in a day, the same hours in a week... so why do some people find joy and success while others seem to find nothing but misery? It all comes down to how you spend your time. 
Defend Your Power.
We spend a lot of time running from fear, or giving our power away to things that don't deserve it.  Ashley will empower you to take control of your voice and life again through 8 lessons delivered once a day to your inbox. Starting January 6th!
Instagram Challenge Jan 6th-13th
Here's what you get:
  •  The same weekly exercises that I go through to help me be successful in both my personal and professional life
  • -Daily Challenges delivered to your inbox from me. I will be sending you videos, with an attached task to complete.
  • -Opportunity to connect with other women
  • -Tools to help you empower your life and get unstuck
  • - Chance to win some really cool prizes
  • *To enter the challenge:*
  • *Be sure to subscribe to the emails (or you won't receive the daily videos from me!)
  • *Be sure to follow me on Instagram @theshineproject
  • *You'll be posting everyday of the challenge on Instagram using #theshineproject so we can all support each other, and so we can track prize winners!

  • You'll receive your next email closer to the start date of the challenge, so be on the lookout. I can not wait to Stand Up and Shine with you.

  • Shine on,
  • Ashley LeMieux
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